It is Christmas evening, and I am lolling about on the couch, having partaken of a vast feast. Do you know, I do believe that I may actually have eaten something from every phylum. As a result, writing this blog entry is the most difficult thing I have done all year. Every instinct in my body is encouraging me to take advantage of all this stored energy, to find a nice hollow log or cave to crawl into, to slow my heart beat and respiration, and to spend the rest of the season in a blissful state of seafood-fuelled hibernation.

But no. It may be Christmas evening, and I may technically be dead from overeating, but it is ALSO a Sunday, and therefore it is blogging day. PLUS, I have an outstanding holiday announcement. So brace yourself against something soft and yielding, because the sheer awesomeness of this information may literally fling you back from your computer with all the force and glory of a volcanic eruption or a bolt of lightning. If you have sunglasses or welding goggles, don them, and if there are children or animals nearby, swaddle their heads in sound-dampening flannel.

Are you ready? Then behold the glory:

On Boxing Day, the trailer for The Rook shall make its exclusive debut on MTV Geek, which is part of!  ( )

Okay, wait, someone just pointed out that Boxing Day isn’t really a thing in the USA. So, for clarification, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas (so named because, traditionally, in the UK, tradesmen received a ‘Christmas box’ containing gifts or cash.) So, it will be the 26th of December in the USA.

Which will be the 27th in Australia. Sigh.

This announcement is much more complicated than I thought it would be.

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