The first post.

Welcome to my new website! I am now one of the landed internet gentry! Look around you (on the screen, not in your room.) Everything the light touches is mine. It’s like owning a house, or even better, a small estate. It comes with a library (little extracts of The Rook, which should be somewhere around here), and a portrait gallery (which I suppose is my ‘About the Author’ bit), and the house farm, which produces stuff constantly, which will be the twitter feeds and the blog.

The blog. Oh boy.

I have never been a blogger before, but from what I understand, having a blog is a lot like having a puppy (which is another thing I have recently acquired). They’re a lot of responsibility, and they can get you up at odd hours of the night, and they need to be fed constantly, and you have to buy squeaky weasel toys for them. And really, you have to decide what they’re going to grow up to be. Will it be a racing blog? Or a working blog? Mine, I suspect, will be something of a lap blog, uncharacterized by much real discipline, and prone to little fits of excitement or panic over the most ridiculous things.

Alright, this whole dog/blog thing is a metaphor that I may have taken too far.

Anyway, so I am now a blogger. I blog. I fully intend to blog at least once a week, or as often as I feel like it (whichever yields the most entries.) No doubt, this will lead to some of those Sunday evening revelations that I have blogging homework due the next morning, and I’ll panic utterly, and stare around the room, looking for something to blog about, and then there will be an entry on tables or flyspray or something.

Of course, the main focus of the blog (other than tables or flyspray or whatever random object comes into my view) will be The Rook, which is my first novel, published by Little, Brown and Company, and which is coming out in the USA in January of 2012, just in time for the Aztec apocalypse. So, in this blog, I’ll endeavour to keep my readers abreast of all developments with The Rook, and whatever other writing projects I am working on.

Meanwhile, the website is still taking shape a little. There’s going to be more things coming. There will be a trailer for The Rook, which I am extremely excited about, and a newsletter is gestating even as we speak, so you can sign up for that, should the urge take you.

Also, I need to take this chance to thank Jeremiah Tolbert, of . The man is possessed of genius, and patience like unto that of one of those centuries-old tortoises, that have seen everything, and know all, and can endure pretty much all shrill mammals. Except he responds to problems much, much more swiftly than a tortoise.

Okay! So, first blog entry completed, on my marvelous new website. I feel so virtuous. I have the rest of a long weekend to go enjoy (it’s Labour Day weekend in Australia.)

12 thoughts on “The first post.”

  1. At last! I can find out what is going on (without asking questions). This page is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I can only salute the minds at work here…you ARE at work, aren’t you?

  2. You are the bees knees Dan!! I feel so fortunate that I will get to experience the wonder that is Dan O’Malley’s writing on a weekly basis. Hurrah!

  3. How exciting! So glad I now have your blog to keep me going until January 2012 when I can own my own copy of your marvellous book! I read and agree with all the reviews – I can’t wait to read The Rook again, and I feel very privileged to have had a sneak preview. Now that you have a website and a blog I won’t have to sit around and wait until you post something on Facebook…

  4. Wunderbar! Go, Dan, go! Keep those writing muscles rippling away. Like rock-hard abs, you just need to do plenty of sit-ups regularly, right? So I hear. And by sit-ups, I mean er…. words?

    *shuffles off into the shadows to watch blog grow*

  5. Love the site, love the book, love you. Looking forward to some regular blogging from one of my favorite people.

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