Sudden Appreances

Woke up this morning to find an email from a friend in the States, advising me that he had been innocently listening to NPR, and the commentators had, without any warning, started talking about The Rook! If you go to, about 23 minutes and 54 seconds into the cast, you can hear them. Some rather nice things are said.

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Also, I got my first-ever online book review, from Fantasy and SciFi Lovin’ News & Reviews ( It’s also very kind.

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Intriguingly, emailed me this week. It was one of those emails where they give you a list of books that they think you might enjoy, based (I assume) on one’s previous readings and purchases. At the top of the list was ‘The Rook’ by Daniel O’Malley, which amused me immensely. While Amazon has a point – I am, in fact, my type — this is the sort of thing that reassures me we’re a good long way from the machines taking over.

* * * * *

I’ve had a couple of queries about the fabled trailer. Not to fret, it is coming. Really. In fact, there are two pieces of exciting news about it. The first is that it has been re-edited some, and is very, very good. It had been good before, but this is a different kind of good. Now, I have never been a person who has really noticed the editing of films, but I was really taken aback by the difference. The whole feeling of the trailer is different. So, the trailer has been pretty much finished, but as to when it will be released for you to view, well, that brings me to the second exciting piece of news.

Which, lamentably, I can’t reveal yet.

Sorry, I hate being that guy, the guy who dangles news in front of you, but it’s super cool news, and trust me, really worth waiting for.

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    1. It’s a bit early for talk of movie rights, I’m afraid. Although that WOULD be extremely cool. No, this has to do with the trailer for the novel. In fact, as soon as I finish writing this, I shall write the blog post announcing it.

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