The Return

I have returned! I am nestled back safely on my couch in Australia, with my dog panting on the floor, and the sun setting over the mountains. During my sojourn in Japan, I saw many glorious sights: temples, skyscrapers, centuries-old castles, decades-old recreations of castles, and lots of stone Buddhas wearing little knitted hats and scarves. I strolled through museums, and wandered through pachinko parlours. I have ridden upon the bullet train. I have peed upon the bullet train. Which is to say, I have peed whilst riding upon the bullet train. It was great trip, but it’s good to be home.

And, of course, while I was away, on January 11, 2012 Anno Domini, The Rook was unleashed upon the United States of America.

I think that, when your first novel comes out, it’s probably a good thing to be in a country where the book is not going to be available, and you don’t have a phone that will let you obsessively check your e-mail every five minutes. Why, I would say that whole hours went by when I didn’t try to find some opportunity to check the internet. And, as luck would have it, there are astoundingly few temples and castles which provide you with facilities for checking the internet.

But despite my lack of constant observation, lots of stuff kept happening. In fact, it’s been an extremely busy three weeks.

Firstly, a few items were released upon the world wide web, to accompany the release of The Rook. And I shall provide you with links to see them. Behold:

On John Scalzi’s website, at ,  there’s an interview with me regarding the ‘big idea’ that spawned The Rook.

At the website Largehearted Boy, located on the internet at , you can read my playlist for The Rook, and coming up with that was a unique experience.

And there have been some nice reviews, which is great.

CNN identified The Rook as one of its Hot Reads for Summer, putting it next to two of my absolute heroes, William Gibson and Bernard Cornwell. Upon seeing this (at ), my brain exploded with a sharp detonation, prompting complaints from the cleaning staff of the hotel.

MTVGeek described the book as ‘Downton Abbey with superpowers’ which is a phrase that I am going to insist be inscribed on my tombstone. (

Monsters and Critics said some good things at

And the IE Mommy at made me blush with satisfaction.

There have been some other very nice reviews, but I shall have to bring them to the next blog, or this will just be a list of reviews, and I want to tell you about exciting stuff that has been happening in Australia.

To begin with, there were extracts from The Rook published in The Herald-Sun and The Adelaide Advertiser, both prominent newspapers for those of you who don’t live in Australia. And, on iTunes Australia, The Rook was the book of the week!

And stuff keeps happening! Tomorrow, my excellent local bookstore, Dymocks in Civic, is hosting a book-launching event ( . This is my very first public appearance as an author! I am only mildly petrified, but it will help me work out all my panic-impulses, which is very good because the day after tomorrow, Impact Comics, the store I have haunted since my childhood, is hosting a signing event ( , please RSVP if attending.)

10 thoughts on “The Return”

  1. Congrats Daniel! I just finished the book, wrote a review on Amazon, and wanted to thank you personally for a job well done. I hope you get all of the success you deserve, and look forward to many adventures to come.

  2. Jeff Frez-Albrecht

    Hey, Daniel;

    Just wanted to compliment you on “The Rook”, which I really couldn’t believe was a first novel. Well done! It reads with the confidence of a writer who’s been at this for a long time (I’m thinking Robert Parker and Lee Child), weaving flashback with present almost seamlessly, comedy and drama coexist quite comfortably without any jarring inconsistancy. Not to lay it on too thick, but whether you attempt a sequel or move on to new things, rest assured I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for your next offering. Cheers!

  3. Jayne Nash Weaver

    Your mom and I attended school together in Kalamazoo, MI. Congratulations on your book success!! I am eager to read it.

  4. Dan, When do you come to the US…I live in WA state and TX, We’d love to have you! I gotta get my copy!!! Tomorrow Im going out to go look in some bookstores locally to see where they may have placed your book… If not in a prominent place in the store I may have to use my organizational skills to place The Rook in a better location….

  5. The Rook was just fantastic to read and then also by audiobook. Keep writing more of this quality and you will be up there with Gaiman, Mieville and Harkaway.
    I won’t plead for a sequel. I trust you will write the story that comes to you next. However a sequel would likely be called The Bishop.

  6. Just wanted to say how fresh and welcome The Rook was. Cheers for a fantastic read and I know that with writing like yours, we will be seeing far more of you in the future.

    p.s. My wife is now claiming she discovered you before me. Bollocks.

    New Zealand.

  7. Greetings Daniel. I would say that i am impressed with the short video intro on your site. I can guess the receptionest is Ingrid or at least hope so.

    Now to my point of this message. I would hope the media would be snooping around and considering the idea of making a #1 a movie based off your book or #2 a tv series.

    I know it is still fairly early but if the intro video is any indicator then a movie would go over nicely.

    Ok will get off my soap box and cheer the troops onward. Peace.

    1. Morning here from the west coast(California). Not pushing but was curious if you have a free moment?, and if so, can i hope for a new letter on any good news for us readers.?. I know you are working hard to polish up the rough drafts, so when you have the time.

      Thanks for the read.

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